Who We Are

Food, unincorporated.

Sometimes the best way to fix the system is to start a new one.

Open Food Network NZ is part of a growing network of countries all around the world working towards the common goal of food sovereignty.  We launched in NZ in 2019 with the goal of developing food hubs to give more people, more opportunity to buy and sell local food. We operate locally and collaborate globally with our wider Open Food Network community.

We support food enterprises – however big and small. From home growers to community gardens, community groups, local food cooperatives and farmers’ markets.
“I decided to set my sales up through Open Food Network because I needed an easy platform to manage collection of customer info and decreasing inventory. It sends a nice order summary to their email address. You can generate an invoice if you want to. In the first week I had 96 orders for our vege boxes, and it was easy. Just one old lady who could not figure out how to register/order and who seemed to have an issue confirming her account from her email address. Most people found it easy-peasy. So I can vouch for its effectiveness, and it cost me nothing to set up at a time when I had no time! Our farm/shop was initially hidden because we had so much demand”

Open Food Network NZ has been built through the incredibly hard work of passionate volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved, send us an email at [email protected] or click here to find out more.