About Us

The Open Food Network is a global network of people and organisations working together to build a new food system.

Together, we develop open and shared resources, knowledge and software.

We believe a sustainable and resilient food system needs to reconnect producers and consumers. We aim to empower people and communities and give them the tools and knowledge to develop the food systems they need for their community.

Powering a new food system

Our open source platform enables new, ethical supply chains. Food producers can sell online, wholesalers can manage buying groups and supply produce through networks of food hubs and shops. Communities can bring together producers to create a virtual farmers’ market, building a resilient local food economy.

A global community

We believe that to build a better food system, we need to work together in new ways. We think it’s possible to create a food system with social and ecological health at its core. How we work to create the global commons that supports this is as important to us as what we create.

Helping food enterprises thrive

We are a not-for-profit organisation building what is needed to build a new food system that is fair, local, and transparent. We create resources that help community food enterprises thrive.

The Open Food Network has been endorsed by people all around the world, because they use our products, rely on our community and the resources we create, or believe in the vision we are striving for.