Around the world, the Open Food Network creates resources that support the needs of community food enterprises. This includes food sector research, case studies and information that can help community food enterprises thrive.

Get familiar with our User Guide!

Everything you need to know about using the Open Food Network can be found in our User Guide – including comprehensive how-to, tips and tricks

OFN YouTube

Did you know that the Open Food Network has a YouTube channel? It’s full of all kinds of advice and know-how. Our videos have been made by OFN users and support teams from all over the world.

OFN Australia resources

Check out the extensive range of resources at Open Food Network Australia to get some great tips on how to use digital media to build community relationships and increase online engagement. 

It also includes useful pointers on the simplest ways to strengthen connections with existing customers, to help you build and maintain customer loyalty. 

OFN Australia constantly updates this page with new tips and links.

OFN UK social media tips

Social media marketing can be a life-saver for any small farm. Done right, it can be an easy, efficient and inexpensive way to grow your sales and generate a stronger relationship with your customers. 

To help you ‘tune up’ your social media marketing strategy, here are three steps, provided by our colleagues at OFN UK, that will help you make the most of your social media accounts.  

This resource will be especially useful for users of Facebook and Instagram.

OFN UK Thriving Food Hubs Facebook Group

Join the Open Food Network – Thriving Food Hubs Facebook group, hosted by our OFN UK colleagues, for up-to-date tips on how to help your farm or food enterprise thrive through the effective use of online marketing. It provides a list of different tools to facilitate online marketing for farmers and hosts a variety of webinars, videos, and peer-to-peer discussion events.