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Open Food Network has been built with the input of hundreds of people all around the world. We have achieved a disproportionately large amount of progress with an incredibly small amount of money. But to keep powering a new food system where community food networks thrive, we need your help. 

Please donate to Open Food Network to allow us to continue building the infrastructure needed to support a new, fairer food system. 

Your donation will go towards building the digital commons that supports hundreds of enterprises around the world. Often these enterprises are struggling to charge a fair price for their produce as they compete with an industrialised cheap food system that undermines sustainability and livelihoods. The tools, resources, and platform that Open Food Network provides improve these enterprises’ viability, securing livelihoods and food sovereignty.

We cannot expect the people who most need our products to also be the ones that entirely fund their development, which is why we’re asking for your help. 

Please consider a one-off or monthly donation that will enable us to keep creating open-source tools that support fair and sustainable livelihoods for farmers and food enterprises around the world.