Producers and hubs

Every producer and hub listing on the website pays between $5 and $15 (or more) per month depending on what you think the system is worth to you. The first 3 months are free. To keep our overheads to a minimum we ask that you set this up as an Automatic Payment (AP). On top of this you pay an order fee of 2% of the value of each order (this may need to increase at some stage but we will hold it at this for at least a year), this will be totaled and invoiced each month.

These charges go towards maintaining the service and cover administration, hosting charges, and our contribution to the global OFN organisation who maintain the software and supports the local organisations.

The charges are meant to be fair and allow everyone, who has produce available, to reach their local community in a simple manner.


There is no charge for customers. However, if after one calendar year you have failed to order then we may remove you from the system.


It is in everybody’s interest that openfoodnetwork remains solvent so we reserve the right to adjust these charges should this be required.

NOTE: These charges are not meant to discourage anyone from using this service. If you believe you have a genuine case for a reduced charge then please contact us and we’ll try and work something out